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3 In 1 Nebulizer Inhaler Set

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It’s hard to wake up every day without hearing devastating news about scary viruses that are putting our lives and that of our loved ones at risk. Apparently, most viruses are attacking our breathing system, which puts kids, elders, and anyone with respiratory diseases in danger. That’s why you need the Asthma Inhaler Nebulizer that will efficiently and safely alleviate many respiratory diseases and protect you daily! 



But to survive it all, you need more! This is why we are offering a Body Thermometer and a Finger Pulse Oximeter with the Nebulizer to ensure your safety! Stay safe at your home and get checked manually and securely at the comfort of your couch… 



For the price of 1, you will get 3 important health tools that are a MUST-HAVE in every household, especially during these tough days! 



Your health matters to us, so save your life and your money at the same time with this exclusive offer!! 



 Comes in a lightweight, compact size to provide a large amount of mist to alleviate many respiratory diseases. 

 Provides an accurate measurement of your pulse strength anytime and anywhere. 

Efficient & durable to help you monitor everyone’s health continuously and without worry.

High-quality & safe material to ensure the security of your health while being used.

Handheld, Portable & lightweight to provide easy carrying, especially if you travel constantly. 


Specifications :


Nebulizer: Asthma Inhaler Nebulizer

Thermometer: Baby Infrared Thermometer

Package List :

1* Body Thermometer

1* Nebulizer inhaler

1* Finger pulse Oximeter

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