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Drawer Organizer

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How many times have you watched Marie Kondo and wished to organize your closet and drawers like she does? It’s all easy and nice until you can’t organize those folded clothes in one place neatly, right? The solution is easy: The Drawer Organizer! 



This is the best way to fold and organize your clothes in your drawers and still have enough space there! Plus, you will find what you need easily without causing a mess, making this Closet Organizer perfect for your lingerie, ties, and socks! 

Be your own Marie Kondo by creating tidy drawers and having neat closets with the Drawer Organizer... Order Now! 



The drawer organizer will allow you to organize your clothes neatly in your drawers and closets.

3 different storage boxes with 11, 7, and 6 compartments to easily and neatly divide your underwear, bras, ties, socks, etc.



Washable, odorless, durable & high-quality material to keep your clothes clean and protected.

Foldable design to save you space when not used.




Specifications :

6 Grid Bra Box 12x32x32cm
7 Grid Briefs Box 12x32x12cm
11 Grid Socks Box 12x32x12cm

Material: Nylon




Package List :

1 * Storage box

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