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Expandable Garden Hose

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Aren’t you tired of constantly trying to untangle the twisted hose that is too heavy for you? And after finally getting it to work, you end up dealing with low water pressure, leakage, and inability to reach the wanted spots? 


25 50 75 100 Feet Expandable Flexible Garden Water Hose W/ Spray Nozzle Water  Hose Pip Black/green Expandable Garden Hose - Buy Expandable Hose Australia  Product on


Leave all this behind and get our Expandable Garden Hose – It is magical! It is small and lightweight, but it expands 3 times its length with water pressure in seconds. It also comes with 7 different spray modes to meet all of your watering needs, and automatically, it will water all of your plants when you aren’t home. 

The Expandable Garden Hose will add a new sense of joy to the watering jobs you never thought existed! 
7.6-76 Metre (25-200FT) Expandable Garden Hose – Splash Fantastic

The expandable garden hose will make your watering tasks easier and more fun.

Ability to expand 3 times its length with water pressure and then contract to the original length quickly after the pressure is off.



7 different spraying modes to meet all of your watering needs. 

Automatic watering to water your plant even when you are not home.



Anti-UV, anti-corrosion & durable material to work for the longest periods.

Lightweight, shrinkable & retractable for the most convenient experience.





Specifications :


25FT: 2.5M in length, 7.5M in extension                          

50FT: 5M long, 15M after extension                            

75FT: 7.5M long, 22.5M after extension                          

100FT: 10M long, 30M after extension                        

125FT: 12.5M in length, 37.5M in extension                          

150FT: 15M in length, 45M in extension                        

175FT: Length 17.5M, 52.5M after extension                        

200FT: 20M in length, 60M in extension                        

250FT: 25M in length, 75M in extension

Material: Rubber/Plastic 

Water temperature: Less than 40 degree 





Package List :

1*Expandable Garden Hose 

1*Spray Gun 

1* Manual in English

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