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Intelligent Medicine Box

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We all know the importance of taking your pills at the right time, but with everything going on, it is hard to remember… the brain can’t be an alarm all the time, right? 

The Intelligent Medicine Box will be your personal “nurse” as it will store all of your pills safely and remind you to take them daily. In case you missed it, the pills storage box will keep reminding you with 2 alarms and LCD backlight. 



It is super easy to operate, non-toxic, and very useful for older people who need their pills constantly. With the Intelligent Medicine Box, your health will always be maintained! 



✅ The intelligent medicine box is the ideal way to store your pills because it will remind you when it is time to take them.

✅ High-quality & non-toxic material. 100% safe to be used!

✅ Large capacity to guard all of your pills for you. 

✅ Intelligent pills storage box that will remind you to take your pill. If you missed it, you will keep being notified with LCD backlight and 2 alarm settings. 

✅ Easy to use & operate.

✅ Portable & lightweight pills box that can fit in a bag or a pocket. 

✅ Practical, convenient & suitable for all ages and for anyone who always forgets to take their pills.



Material: Pillbox

Item Type: Pill Cases & Splitters

Box: storage

For storage: plastic storage box

Storage container: desk organizer




1* Intelligent Medicine Box (Battery not included)

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