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LCD Projection LED Display Time Digital Alarm Clock

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Get ready to wake up every day with the time projected on your wall or ceiling with the super cool LCD Projection Alarm Clock. This alarm clock is a great gift for yourself or for your friends.


In any mode,press the top button to tell you the current time in English with backlight on, and the current time will be projected to any flat surface for about 10 seconds. Besides, the projection head can be moved back and forth to let the projection time pattern move relevantly.

LCD screen with diameter in 52mm displays time, temperature, alarm icons clearly in large-sized, easy to check information effortlessly.

With a dual CHIME Function you're able to stay focused on the task at hand, you will know what the hour is simply by listening to the sound: CHIME1--Every Hour; CHIME2--Only From 7AM-9PM. Can be turned off during night hours.

In order to ensure you are ready to head out the door you can check the time and the temperature so you are ready for your day to begin. This alarm clock runs on 3 x AAA batteries(Not Included). Please note that for standard quality purchase from Electro Deal, the official owners of this product. Buying through other sellers may result in a defective product. 

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