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Magnetic Portable Power Bank

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Finger Pow is an extremely convenient portable power bank you can take anywhere. Unlike wall sockets or other portable charger, Finger Pow simplifies the entire charging process. See video

Use your Charging Packs to keep charged all the time—easily. No more searching for wall outlets or carrying bulky power banks around with you.


The concept of Finger Pow is storing electricity in small modular pieces—Charging Packs. When you need to charge your phone, just grab a Charging Pack. It’s compact, and let’s you continue using your device as usual, unlike traditional bulky portable chargers and USB cables.


Small SIZE:
The Charging Pack is the size of a USB drive and can be attached to a key chain. This makes it incredibly portable, and means it’s completely unobtrusive until your battery needs that extra kick.


Mini Wireless Power Bank is perfectly compatible with all smartphones, whether iOS, Android, or Google.


Main Features:

  • Unparalleled portability
  • Magnetic Link
  • Quick Charge
  • Mini, portable, light-weighted charging bank


We believe in providing an optimal user experience. Our charging packs use a double magnetic connector to streamline the entire charging experience.

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