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Magnetic Tool Holder

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Quit wasting your time looking for tools around you and protect yourself and others from stumbling over them when you are in the garage fixing your car. We present you the Magnetic Tool Holder that will make your job a lot easier. All of your metallic tools can be perfectly held into the magnetic tool holder, regardless of their shape and size to provide you easy access while doing repairs. 


The tool holder can be attached to the side of your car, the car hood, the iron door, and more (without scratching them!) to create flexibility when it comes to holding and gripping into your tools. 

Try it yourself and you will definitely be satisfied! 



✅ The magnetic tool holder can hold and cling into your tools strongly and keep them within reach while you work in the garage.

✅ Super strong absorption force & powerful magnetic ability that can hold any shape of metal tool.


✅ Convenient as it can be adjusted and attached anywhere, like the side of the car, iron door, the car hood, and more. 

✅ Flexible & foldable design that will not occupy much of your space.

✅ Scratch-resistant to protect the surfaces you hang it into.



Material: rubber sponge + magnet
Color: black
Size: 300*200*5mm


1*Magnetic tool holder



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