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Mini Car Fridge

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The cold days are still here causing our bones to freeze, which makes us constantly crave warm drinks. And let’s not forget also that sunny days and sweaty weather are around the corner, so the need for cold beverages will be on the rise. To satisfy both needs, get the Mini Car Fridge that features advanced technology to provide both cold and warm temperatures in one efficient and quiet machine! Your delicious goodies will always be at the right temperature, ready for you to enjoy anywhere you go, thanks to its compact and lightweight design. 



There is no better comfort than those of food, which means the Mini Car Fridge might just become your new best friend!  



✅ The mini car fridge can keep all of your favorite foods and beverages hot or cold very efficiently. 

✅ Advanced technology because it can perfectly keep your snacks and beverages whether cold or warm, depending on your needs.



✅ Compact & lightweight mini-fridge for easy portability and the ability to fit it anywhere.

✅ Eco-friendly material to make it better for the environment. 

✅ Chic & durable design to give your car (or anywhere) a better look.



✅ Specifications

Power: cold mode: 48-68 W. hot mode: 30-55 W.

Cooling temperature: 15-25 degrees. C below room temperature

Heating temperature: 55-65 degrees. C (error range: 5 degrees C)

Output voltage: DC 12 V

Material: ABS



✅ Package List

1*Mini Car Fridge

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