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Pet GPS Locator

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Did you know that over 10 million dogs get either stolen or lost every year? The chances are your furry best friend is also at risk, even if you are overprotective. 

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To ensure the safety of your dog, you can count on today’s technology and get the Pet GPS Locator. It will track your dog whenever he/she is out of a certain area and alarm you immediately. In case your device was off, the GPS locator will record the last location on GPS to make sure you can get a hold of him/her. Simply attach the pet tracker on your dog’s collar, turn on Bluetooth, connect it to your smartphone, and voila! 


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You can also use this smart device to remember when you put your wallet, keys, and any valuable item you own by putting the GPS locator next to them! 



✅ The pet GPS locator can 100% protect your furry friends from being lost or stolen.
✅ Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 LE tech & anti-lost feature that will alarm you automatically when your dog is out of your property and let you track him/her everywhere on your phone. 

✅ Intelligent & advanced technology as it will record the last known location on the map if your device is off.


✅ Compatible with the majority of devices: iOS 8.0 and above, Android 5.0 and above. 

✅ Multifunctional as you can also use it to track your keys, wallet, and important documents.

✅ Easy to carry, lightweight & compact design that consumes very low energy. 



Battery Life: 30 Hours & Up

Feature: Smart Pet Tracker

Color: black, red

Applicable: Pets

Material: ABS

Size: about 50*30*10mm

Working distance: about 10 meters



1*GPS Tracker

1*CR2032 button battery

1*Applicable instructions

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