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Phone Glass Repair Kit

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This phone glass repair kit allows anyone to fix cracks or chips in cellphones safely, easily and inexpensively, before those imperfections enlarge. The phone Glass repair Kit features a super convenient design and it’s super easy to use and operate!

✔️Easy To Operate:

This phone glass repair kit allows anyone to make permanent air-tight repairs on most mobile phones’ glass. and it can quickly and effectively repair small cracks and damages in no more than 20-30 minutes!

✔️Advanced formula:

good for multiple repairs, fit with all types of phone glasses. The air in the crack will block the infiltration of the repair fluid,  while the phone glass repair kit’s vacuum design will help in removing the air quickly from the crack.

✔️Vacuum Design:

Unique vacuum design will prevent air from getting in between the gel and effect on the repair outcome. Make sure you Vacuum the cracks before injecting the repair gel so that it will fill the cracks, the phone glass repair kit will, therefore, look strong and brand new!


This phone glass repair kit includes everything you need! It is multipurpose and can be used to fix different types of cracks and glass damages.


Item Type: Fillers, Adhesives & Sealants

Model Name: Car Windshield Repair Kit

Item Weight: 21g

Material Type: Plastic & Rubber Windshield Repair Kits

✔️Package Includes :

1 x repair resin

5 x curing strips

1 x sleeved razor blade

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