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Rainproof Anti-fog Agent

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Rushing into your car in a cold, rainy day means wasting many of your valuable minutes waiting for the heater to blast on and for the fog to be completely gone, and after only a little while of driving, the fog will be back again, which means your risk of getting into a dangerous accident is very high!

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This is why you need the rainproof anti-fog agent that is super efficient and important! One simple spray will keep your car glass free from any fog for more than 30 days!! Protect yourself now! 

✅ High-quality anti-fog agent with lotus effect, hydrophobic effect, and self-cleaning coating can be used on both ceramics and glass. 

✅ Long-lasting effects to keep your sight clear on rainy days and protect you from any dangerous accident. One spray can last for over 30 days! 


✅ Professional rainproof cleaner to protect the glass from heavy rain. 

✅ Safe as it is made of pure neutral that will harm your hands or the car because it is PH=7. 

How to use:

  1. Clean the glass well by water.
  2. Shake the anti-fog agent and spray a little on the glass.
  3. With a towel, apply it evenly.
  4. Wait for it to dry. 


Item name: anti-fog agent

Capacity: 20ml, 50ml

External Testing Certification: CE

Package Includes :

1* bottle of the anti-fog agent

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