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RUNACC USB Rechargeable Solar Lantern Foldable LED

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Is getting a camping lantern included on your to-do list? It should be! Camping lanterns make life a lot easier and it allows the fun of camping, stargazing, and barbecue to continue all night through. Even if you aren't that fond of outdoor activities, a camping lantern is still a must-have for your home.



Wherever you may be planning to go in whichever mode of transport, no camping trip can be complete without the existence of a lantern. Our LED lantern will fit your needs and your backpack.



All you have to do it switch it on and light is available. This saves you from having to remember to bring other items on the trip like gas to fuel the lantern or matches to light the candle. If you happen to have kids joining you on a camping trip, spoiler alert: they will more than likely drop a gas lantern and break the glass. Skip to the good part and allow them to carry a rechargeable lantern without worry.



Compared to a gas lantern, a rechargeable lantern is light as a feather. Gas lanterns are typically made of glass and have metal canisters that add weight that rechargeable lanterns are able to eliminate. The lighter the weight of the lantern the more versatile it can be, whether it be to light up the card table or take it for your bathroom break.



Our own rechargeable Lighthouse Lantern comes with a USB port. This means that you can power other electronics on your camping trips for additional entertainment. The bottom line is a rechargeable lantern keeps it simple and safe. Charge it, hang it, and continue with your adventures into the night.

These lanterns may be strapped to the top of your head, allowing you to work at night without having to worry about a lack of light.



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