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Self-Heating Therapy Brace

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If you sit in front of a TV or computer all day, chances are you suffer greatly from shoulder/back pain, have a bad posture, and fatigued muscles, which can all lead to several health issues with your joints, bones, muscles, and even cause nerve damage!



You need The Self-Heating Therapy Brace that will firmly pull your shoulders and back straight to their position while releasing great warmth that will immediately reduce the pain, boost blood circulation, and relax tired muscles. This Self-Heating Posture Corrector Brace is adjustable, breathable, and skin-friendly to guarantee your comfort all day long. You can wear it while working, exercising, or just chilling to feel and look better!

Stand a little taller and with great confidence with our Self-Heating Therapy Brace, order yours NOW! 



✓  The Self-Heating Therapy Brace will support your back and shoulders to improve your posture and relieve pain.



✓  Built-in 62pcs magnet that quickly releases heat for a lasting warming effect that will effectively boost blood circulation, relax muscles, reduce joint pain, and back problems.



✓  Breathable & soft fabric that is comfortable and skin-friendly to prevent irritations to your skin.

✓  Adjustable straps to help pull the shoulders and adjust the tightness. 



✓  Perfect for people with bad posture, back pain, work at the office, sleep with the incorrect position, neck and shoulder fatigue, etc.

✓  Suitable to wear at the office, home, and outside when shopping or exercising.



✓  Specifications :

Item Type: Braces & Supports
Material: Breathable Fabric, Magnets

Effect: Bone Care

Feature: Back Support

Hightlight: Built-in 62pcs magnets

Color: Black

Size: M/L/XL




✓  Package List :

1* back brace posture corrector

1* User manual


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