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Soft Wearable Blanket

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When it is too cold, you just want to wrap your blanket around you and go around with it. But it is just inconvenient and would probably keep falling off! But with our wearable blanket, you can actually wear a blanket and be productive at the same time! 

The wearable blanket is extremely soft, amazingly cozy, and has elastic sleeves to keep your hands free. It is made of 100% polyester Sherpa and polyester microfiber to ensure that you’ll feel warm, and yes, the blanket comes with large pockets to hold your food and snacks. Plus, the large size can fit everyone which is one less thing to worry about! 

What are you waiting for? Make your winter a lot cozier this year, and every year, with our Soft Wearable Blanket. 



✅ The soft wearable blankets come in one size that fits everyone, all ages, and all genders.

✅ Super soft material that can cover you all up and keep you warm all the time.
✅ Durable & High-quality material to make sure your softy blanket is giving you the treatment you deserve.


Giant pockets to keep your hands warm and to store your phone and your snacks! 

✅ Comfortable & elastic sleeves to help you roll up your sleeves and freely use your hands for all your tasks and to eat your food comfortably… You don’t have to give up warmth for anything! 



Material: Polyester Sherpa, polyester microfiber

Size: One size fits all

Clean: Machine washable

Pockets: Yes


1* Soft wearable blankets

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