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Tap Water Purifier

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We blindly trust the water coming out of our faucets, so we use it while cooking, washing the food we eat, making coffee/tea, and we may even drink it directly. But, are you aware of the number of bacteria you consume with this water? And are you aware of the diseases they cause? 

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Waterborne diseases kill 3.4 million people every year and it is caused by drinking contaminated or dirty water, and in other cases, it causes many serious diseases. So it is time to protect yourself and your family by using the tap water purifier that is able to clean your water quickly and efficiently with its high-quality and durable filters!

Don’t hesitate to purify and filter your water before you allow it into your body!


✅ The faucet water filter can purify the water instantly and help you make the best tea and coffee! 

✅ Easy switch between filtrated water and tap water.

✅ Durable & high-quality material that was built to last.

✅ High-quality filter that removes sediments, rusts, colloids, worms, and most bacteria. 


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✅ Reusable and cleanable filtering cartridge. When you clean it, you will see how much dirt it removed for you!

✅ High-speed water flows to provide you with plenty of water instantly.

✅ Easy installation and can fit with almost any type of tap with a screw thread. 

✅ Easy, quick & secure filter cartridge replacement.

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Use: Faucet-Mounted

Water treatment machine Type: Pre-filter

Type: Ceramic Filter Element

Installation: Cold Water Pipe Installation

Material: Activated Carbon

Function: Indirect Drink

Certification: CE

Purifying Position: Terminal Purification

Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water

Water treatment machine Type: Water Purifier

Package Includes :

1 * Water Filter
1 * Ceramic Cartridge
1 * Sandpaper
1 * Universal Adapter
3 * Internal Thread Adapter
3 * External thread Adapter

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