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Telescopic Dust Brush

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For how long you’d keep moving your furniture and climbing ladders to keep your home dust-free? And also, aren’t you sick of the harsh chemicals that harm your entire family? 



It is time to ease things for yourself and start using the Telescopic Dust Brush that can handle all the hard-to-reach spots. Due to the detachable handle that is also bendable, flexible, and adjustable, your entire home will be spotless so easily. Plus, the microfiber feather is made of high-quality material that will leave nothing behind and clean everything without the need for harmful chemicals.

No need to move your furniture anymore because our Telescopic Dust Brush can clean up the dust from all corners quickly and perfectly! 



✅ The telescopic dust brush makes your house chores easier by cleaning all surfaces perfectly, especially the hard-to-reach places.

✅ Convenient & removable handle that can bend to let you clean all the surfaces in your home.
✅ Brilliant microfiber feather technology that has millions of tiny fibers in the perfect shape to quickly clean everything without the need to use harmful chemicals.


✅ Adjustable handle that can be lengthened or shortened to clean all the heights easily.

✅ Hangable design that is easy to store and to be dried naturally.
✅ Durable & high-quality microfiber duster that will not lose hair and sturdy handle that can last for years.

✅ Easy to use & easy to clean telescopic dust brush that can be washed by water directly to be re-used again. 



✅ Specifications

Type: Dust crevice brush

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Usage: Household Cleaning

Material: Stainless Steel

Style: Hand

Suitable for: home cleaning, pet hair, fur, dust, and more



✅ Package list

1* Telescopic dust brush

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